What are your ear wires made of?2016-05-03T19:39:24-07:00

All of the earrings come with Sterling Silver posts or wires as the default options. If you can not wear sterling silver, all earrings can be made with stainless steel findings instead at no extra cost. Please contact us to request this option.

Can I purchase Beer Muse items wholesale?2016-05-03T19:19:38-07:00

Yes, if you meet certain requirements. Yes! Please contact me at to discuss wholesale opportunities.

Can I order a custom Beer Muse product?2016-05-03T19:21:13-07:00

I can do customisations for breweries and other beer related businesses. Please contact me at to discuss customisation options.

When will my order ship?2016-05-03T19:01:10-07:00

We try to ship all orders within 3 business days. If you have a large order (over 20 pieces) please contact us for an estimated ship time.


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